Tips for a Fire Insurance Claim

As the fire becomes an increasingly prevalent threat, insurance companies are trying to cut the corners on fire insurance claims for saving money. The increasing threat of fires makes it very essential to familiarize yourself with the claims procedure and how to file fire insurance claims. An insurance claim, if filed correctly, permits you to get reimbursed when you lose your property in a fire.


Losing your belongings and home to a fire is a devastating experience. The last thing you want is your homeowner’s insurance company delivering you a hard time regarding your claim. Listed below are some tips that you can follow when dealing with your homeowners’ insurance company regarding fire insurance claims.


Make use of Available Financial or Resources Advance


In case of a fire occurrence, you may have been forced to vacate the space and search for temporary shelter. If you do not have sufficient money in hand to buy the essentials, you can approach the insurer to extend some financial help in advance. However, the amount released as an advance payment will be fixed with the total claim later, only if the insurer has such a facility.


Estimate The Loss


It is important to calculate the loss to get reimbursed fully. Try keeping a track of the losses incurred after the loss. While doing so just make sure that


• Not to repair the damage infrastructures

• Not to dispose of the burnt items

• Keep the proof of lost or damaged items


Approach To The Insurance Provider and File A Claim


It is suggested to inform the insurance provider as soon as a fire incident occurs. You can either write them or call on their toll-free number informing them about the loss and ask them to access the loss. You may require to submit evidence of loss claim indicating the damaged or lost items. The claim request should contain the listed below items


• Type of damage or loss

• Date of loss

• Description of damaged contents

• Any related injuries

• Location of damage

• Conditions of the office or home

• Police FIR copy in case police is involved

• Other involved


Estimation of Loss of The Surveyor


A surveyor will be appointed by the insurance company to calculate the damage or loss in the spot of the damage. The claim calculation will be done according to the report made by the surveyor. Help in the investigation to get reimbursed completely. Also, keep the original reports of the related documents or investigation for the future.


It’s Not Over Until You Say No


The insurance company might be in a rush to close your case, especially if there is a mass disaster. The reason is longer your claim is open, the greater the chance for you to find something that was ignored earlier. In such a stressful time, the probability is there that may forget something essential to list down in your initial claim. That’s why it is suggested to take your time before closing your claim.

You get many benefits when you buy fire insurance. Fire insurance protects you from many unexpected risks or situations. Just choose the right insurance company and grab the policy on time.


Source: Reliancegeneral

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