National Pension System (NPS) exit rule changed: Now buy multiple annuities of minimum Rs 5 lakh each


National Pension System (NPS) Exit Rules 2023: The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has decided to allow NPS subscribers to purchase multiple annuities on exit if their corpus is over Rs 10 lakh and they utilize at least Rs 5 lakh to buy each annuity.


“The option of multiple Annuities shall be provided for those Subscribers who earmark the annuity corpus more than Rs 10 lakhs wherein Rs 5 lakhs utilized to buy each annuity scheme,” the regulator said in a circular dated May 10.


Under NPS, subscribers are allowed to buy immediate annuities from Annuity Service Providers (ASPs) under the enabling provisions of Exit Regulations of PFRDA. Till now, the subscribers were allowed to buy only one annuity scheme from the ASP at the time of exit.


The regulator said that it has taken the decision to allow the purchase of multiple annuities in the interest of subscribers.


“In the interest of subscribers’ retirement income optimization and to provide them with a wider range of annuity options, PFRDA is pleased to inform that the choice of multiple annuities from the same ASP will be made available,” the regulator said.


What’s new


As per the regulator, the option of multiple Annuities will be provided for those subscribers who earmark an annuity corpus of more than Rs 10 lakhs wherein Rs 5 lakhs is utilized to buy each annuity scheme.


The regulator has advised CRAs to build the necessary system-level functionality to facilitate the implementation of this change.


“Until this feature is developed, ASPs can handle the requests for multiple annuities received from subscribers and provide the necessary information to CRA through Reverse Information Flow (RIF),” the regulator said.


“PFRDA believes that this change will greatly benefit subscribers by providing them with a wider range of annuity options and optimizing their retirement income,” it added.


Source – Financialexpress


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