Is PMS investment the right way to invest for you?

1. One way of investing a large amount

Portfolio management services (PMS) is a customized solution for high net-worth individuals (HNIs), it offers greater flexibility with an investor’s money and higher returns too. 

So if you have a substantial amount you want to invest, such as say a crore, this service can prove beneficial. But is it the right product for you? Read to find out.

2. How PMS works for an investor

Portfolio management service (PMS) is provided by professional money managers to informed investors and can be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. PMS providers invest directly in securities through focused portfolios. 

So one’s account will be kept separate and operated according to his/her investment mandate in a discretionary PMS, where an investment manager takes all decisions in sync with the investor’s goals.

3. How it is different from MFs

Unlike mutual funds, the investors’ assets here are not pooled into one large fund. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) uses a separate bank account and Demat account for each client. 

The minimum investment amount is Rs 50 lakh for PMS. You can see the portfolio daily through your Demat account.

4. Higher risk-reward aspect

This structure allows the fund managers to take concentrated calls on their high-conviction stocks without too many regulatory and operational constraints prevalent in a mutual fund portfolio. 

It may generate a higher return as the fund manager will have greater flexibility to choose or hold stocks and capitalize on the market opportunities in the smaller and newer companies that may have the potential for high growth. This may lead to a higher risk, which may be best mitigated through a long-term investment horizon.

5. It is a good option if…

If you wish to set this corpus aside for your retirement or in other words, for the long-term, this makes sense. The higher transparency and regular reporting as compared to a mutual fund are also plus points. 

Stocks are bought and sold in your name, with the help of a power of attorney, which means you can monitor all investment activities in real-time. As a PMS investor, you may also hold direct interactions with fund managers, should you feel the need.

Source: – The Economic Times

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