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Everything About Corporate Mediclaim Policy

​​​Emergency, unplanned expenditure can cross anyone’s door. Medical emergency is one such event which leads to unforeseen expenses. Medical emergencies can leave one in a financial contingency like situation. Hence, there’s a need of health care insurance​ plan.


In India, healthcare insurance plans are offered by both public and private sector companies. Thanks to the long list of healthcare insurance providers, that today individuals have a variety of health insurance plans to choose from.


Primarily, health insurance can be categorized in three types:

1. Health Insurance
2. Critical Illness Insurance
3. Personal Accident Insurance


Apart from these basic types of health insurance in India , another type of health insurance plan we see is corporate plan. This type of health insurance policy is provided by employers (public or private) to all its employees. The premium amount of such insurance plans is comparatively very low. However, such policies come with too many limitations.


For instance, it is valid only till the employee is employed with the company. In many cases, health insurances offered under corporate plan do not cover facilities like Daycare treatment, or tests and diagnosis. It only covers the hospitalization cost, also there could be chances that your corporate plan may offer only reimbursement facility and not cashless hospitalisation.


Moreover, the sum insured offered under corporate health insurance​ plan may not always be sufficient to cover your medical expenses.


Therefore, in order to beat the rate of inflation and rising cost of medical expenses, it becomes very essential to cover yourself under a healthcare insurance plan out of your corporate plan.


Source: Reliancegeneral

5 Benefits of Group Term Insurance | Deeva Ventures Pvt Ltd

5 Benefits of Group Term Insurance

A Group Term Life Insurance is a term plan that offers life cover to a group of people.

The plan does not just cover employees and their families; employer-employee, banks, NGOs, financial institutions are also eligible for a group term life insurance.


As a result, many individuals find it feasible to opt for group term insurance as it is one of the best comprehensive term plans available.


In short, group term life insurance is an essential benefit provided by employers to the employees.


Group term life insurance policies are of different types. Some plans have the basic features of a term plan.


Employers may also choose a plan where the features differ depending upon the grades and position of the employees.


Some group term plans also cover an employee’s outstanding home loan, car loan.

The insured’s family can easily repay loans in the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s death or permanent disability.


                         Benefits of Group Insurance


1. Employees get default term cover

Employees can get this policy by simply being a part of the organization that offers group term insurance.


This reduces the need for unnecessary paperwork and formalities for individuals and the organization.


Many companies, themselves, pay premiums for group term policies offered to their employees.


2. The Benefits of a Cost-effective Plan

Group term life insurance plans are more economical than individual plans. For example, the minimum number of employees that can be a part of a group term life insurance plan is 50.


The administrative costs and paperwork of providing term insurance to the entire group are much less than an individual’s policy cost.


Insurance Plans come with tax benefits and, over a long period, help save money.

By providing employees with group term plans, employers, as well as employees can avail themselves of tax benefits.


3. Customization of plans

Individuals can customize their group term plan based on their specific needs for comprehensive coverage.


They can opt for additional riders that provide critical illnesses, accidental death, education allowance, loan repayments, etc.


These additions only multiply the benefits provided by group term plans.


4. Cover for High-risk Individuals:

In some cases, individuals who have a medical history of genetic illness or belong to a high-risk category can get a cover under this policy.


This is because a group term life insurance coverage does not depend on an individual’s health condition. All members of the group are insured under one single policy.


This comes as a relief for employees who find it difficult to buy term insurance. Employees don’t have to undergo a health-check up under this plan.


5. Ease of Premium Payment.

Organizations offering group term plans can choose the mode of premium payment. Companies can opt for monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly time points to pay premiums.


Group term life insurance provides many benefits to employees including comprehensive protection and savings.


For employers, issuing group term cover helps with employee retention by providing a cost-effective, employee-benefit plan.