4 Reasons You Need a Travel Protection Plan

1. You’ve invested a significant expense in your trip. If you have to cancel, you’ll lose that money.

Canceling a trip is a bummer enough. You don’t want to lose your entire trip investment on top of it. The Trip Cancellation benefit covers you in case you or a family member becomes ill or seriously injured before your trip, or if there’s a death in the family.


You can also be covered in the event of natural disaster or bad weather impacting your home or destination, or if your travel supplier (such as an airline) goes bankrupt or on strike. There are more reasons too – read them all in the policy.


Don’t want to be bound by the reasons outlined in the policy? Upgrade your plan with the Cancel For Any Reason option and you can cancel your trip for any reason at all!


2. Once you’ve departed on your trip, plans can still go wrong.
Unfortunately, baggage loss or damage is not uncommon. Neither are travel delays. Our plans offer coverage for these scenarios. And if your trip is interrupted and you have to leave early? Our plans cover that too. 


So you can feel more at ease packing up to leave your loved ones and your home behind, knowing that if something happens, you have coverage and help to get you back home. You need coverage in case you get sick or injured while away from home.


And within the many plans provide limited coverage out of your region. If you get sick or injured on your trip, access to medical coverage is important. 


This is not the case, particularly for visitors to other countries. Many travelers have been shocked at the cost of care abroad. And let’s go one step further…what if you become sick or injured on vacation and don’t heal immediately.


How will you get home? All our plans provide coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, enabling you to get to an adequate facility for treatment, then transported home if needed.


3. A travel protection plan gives you access to 24/7 assistance no matter where you are in the world.

Let’s say your passport was lost or stolen in Europe. Or your prescription medications were left behind in a hotel in Buenos Aires. 


Or you twisted your ankle on a hike in New Zealand and need to find a doctor. Who do you call or where do you go for help? With our plans, it’s easy.


Your plan comes with access to 24/7 Travel Assistance services, available at any time, from anywhere in the world. 


If at any point you have any question during your trip or need assistance with ANYTHING, you can call the numbers provided and get assistance from someone in your native language. Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that someone always has your back?


4. It’s a small price to pay to gain peace of mind.

We hope your trip goes completely smoothly. But think of the investment you made on your trip. Would you be comfortable losing it all in the event of a cancellation? 


And perhaps more importantly, think of the huge expense you could face if you become sick or injured while traveling and need medical care or an evacuation.


Covering yourself for the risks will make your trip all the more enjoyable and relaxing. And that’s the whole point, right?

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