4 Reasons to Invest in NPS

Here are some of the reasons that make NPS a go-to solution to retire rich while at the same time avail tax benefits.


Accumulate Wealth for Retirement

With NPS, you can create a corpus for retirement and secure a pension for yourself after retirement. 


You can withdraw up to 60% of the accumulated corpus at the age of retirement and utilize the remaining corpus to buy an annuity to receive a pension regularly.


Get Extra Tax Deduction of Rs 50,000

Your investments in NPS make you eligible to claim an additional tax deduction of up to Rs.50,000 under section 80 CCD(1B) over and above the tax benefits of Rs. 1.5 Lakh available under section 80C.


Earn Market-linked Returns

NPS provides you an opportunity to earn market-linked returns that beat inflation and help you to accumulate a relatively larger corpus for retirement.


Enjoy the Option to Rebalance the Portfolio

Your NPS portfolio gets rebalanced once every year wherein your allocations in equity shares are shifted to debt as your age increases.


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