4 Benefits of Buying Engine Protection Cover for Your Car

Engine protection car is one of the most important add-ons covers that are offered by motor insurance companies in India.


Pays for the Most Expensive Car Part

The engine is considered the most expensive part of a car. Naturally, the cost of replacing the engine or any of its parts can cost a lot of money. 


Besides, repairing the car’s engine is also quite expensive. But with an engine protection cover, you don’t have to worry about how much money will it cost to get your car’s engine repaired or replaced.


Ideal for People Living in Flood-Prone Areas

People who reside in low-lying areas prone to floods or water-logging often find their car’s engine damaged due to water ingression. 


The engine protection cover will ensure that the cost of repairing your four-wheeler’s engine will be covered by your insurer every time water enters inside the engine.


Comes to the Aid of New Cars

If you have recently purchased a new car, any unfortunate damages to the vehicle’s engine can burn a big hole in your pocket as the engine parts of a new car will be expensive. But if you have purchased an engine protection cover with your motor insurance policy, the cost of your car’s engine parts will be covered no matter how expensive it may be.


Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Engine Protection Cover

The engine protection cover comes with certain terms and conditions that apply to car owners who buy this add-on cover. 


Take a look at the things that you must keep in mind if you are considering buying the engine protection cover:


  • 1. The engine protection add-on cover is not available for cars that are older than five years.

  • 2. This cover can only be purchased by people with comprehensive or own-damage car insurance policies. This is because engine protection cover is not available under third-party liability car insurance.

  • 3. Since it is an add-on cover, a car owner needs to purchase the engine protection cover by paying an additional insurance premium at the time of purchasing the best car insurance.

  • 4. Most motor insurance companies allow car owners to make up to two claims under their engine protection cover.

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