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7 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Financial Planner | Deeva ntures Pvt Ltd

7 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Financial Planner

A Financial Advisor is also your wealth guardian. A financial advisor takes care of his clients as a Family Doctor. 


He looks holistically at your financial portfolio & also advises the clients even when he isn’t handling them directly.


1. Do you Google the medicine when you are ill?

Magic is not in medicine. The right dose of Medicine at the Right Time with the Right Combination & Right Precaution will give you a magical recovery.


Only a skilled & experienced advisor will be able to do the magic to your financial health.


You must know the work experience & certifications of the financial advisor before hiring.


2. Would you go to a doctor whose clinic is always empty?

Finding out the size of an advisor’s client base can tell you a lot about what kind of service you can expect to receive. 


Don’t forget to ask for the advisor’s client base and top clients.                                                          

3. Do you visit a Multispecialty Hospital or a local doctor for a health check-up?

You need to know the infrastructure setup of the advisor. It is also advisable to visit the advisor’s office before hiring him


4. A Part-time nurse or a Practicing Doctor? 

Feel free to ask whether the financial advisor is a part-time practitioner or a full-time Financial Planner.


It can be dangerous working with part-timers as they work only for their own benefit.


5. How about a medical emergency and your Doctor is on holiday abroad?

It’s very important to know the team members and ways to reach the advisor. 


It can be quite difficult for you if your advisor is unavailable while he is traveling or ill.    


6. Technologically updated Doctor or old-style Practitioner?

It is equally important for you to know if your advisor is technologically updated or not. Bundles of documents and several signatures: not a good idea. 


Ask for the website address, link to Mobile Application, and paperless transaction facility.    


7.Would you enjoy Health check-up, Medicines & Doctor consultations at different places?

Ask for the product basket offered by the advisor. Your life will be at ease if your advisor can sort all your financial needs.


Before you hire a financial advisor, it’s crucial to understand how they work. 


Will they put your best interests first, or will they serve themselves? And will they create a tailored list of recommendations, or throw a generic list of brochures at you during your first meeting?


Don’t Wait To Start Saving, Take Action Today | Deeva Ventures Pvt Ltd

Don’t Wait To Start Saving, Take Action Today

In life, we need to take action.  Today, I need everyone to start saving immediately if you haven’t yet. 

How many of us have always thought about saving but think that we can always do it tomorrow? We always think that we can wait, but you will be waiting forever to be financially free too.

  • 1. We can’t wait to go on a vacation but we can always wait to pay our mortgages.

  • 2. We can’t wait to get rich quickly but we can always wait to learn how to get rich through time.

  • 3. If you give yourself excuses, stop.

  • 4. We can’t wait for early retirement but we will have to wait.

  • 5. If it, is you, change?

  • 6.If you want to feel financially secure, save.

  • 7.We can’t wait to leave work but we can always wait to learn how to increase our wealth.

Trim down your spending and start saving.  Otherwise, I guarantee you will regret it.

4 Reasons to Invest in NPS | Deeva Ventures Pvt Ltd

4 Reasons to Invest in NPS

Here are some of the reasons that make NPS a go-to solution to retire rich while at the same time avail tax benefits.


Accumulate Wealth for Retirement

With NPS, you can create a corpus for retirement and secure a pension for yourself after retirement. 


You can withdraw up to 60% of the accumulated corpus at the age of retirement and utilize the remaining corpus to buy an annuity to receive a pension regularly.


Get Extra Tax Deduction of Rs 50,000

Your investments in NPS make you eligible to claim an additional tax deduction of up to Rs.50,000 under section 80 CCD(1B) over and above the tax benefits of Rs. 1.5 Lakh available under section 80C.


Earn Market-linked Returns

NPS provides you an opportunity to earn market-linked returns that beat inflation and help you to accumulate a relatively larger corpus for retirement.


Enjoy the Option to Rebalance the Portfolio

Your NPS portfolio gets rebalanced once every year wherein your allocations in equity shares are shifted to debt as your age increases.


4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Renew a Car Insurance Policy | Deeva Ventures Pvt Ltd

4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Renew a Car Insurance Policy


A month before your car insurance policy comes to an end, you usually get a reminder to renew your policy from your agent. 


As you know, renewing third-party insurance is mandatory, according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, but most of you would also look at add-on covers or own damage to vehicle policy to protect your car in case of an untoward incident.


1. Look at the type of policy you want for your car

You can opt for your damage to your vehicle that helps you stay covered against damage caused to your vehicle due to accidents like fire, theft, etc. 


In case of an accident, your damage cover compensates you for the expense to repair or replace parts of your damaged vehicle.


You can also look at add-on covers which include depreciation cover, passenger assist, consumable cover, engine safe cover, GAP value cover, key loss cover, and roadside assistance cover.


2. Read policy wordings

Policy wordings are different for different car insurance policies. So, the cover you have for the damage to your vehicle will be different from an add-on insurance cover. 


Choose the type of policy you want for your vehicle and read the policy wordings carefully before you buy it.


3. Renew your policy on time

Many policyholders tend to not renew their existing policy and they lapse. According to the new IRDAI rules, if premiums aren’t paid on time, policyholders stand chance to lose no claim bonus (NCB) that they accumulated when the policy was in force.


To sum it up, while third-party car insurance is mandatorily needed to be renewed annually, you also need to constantly check on the policies you have purchased for your vehicle to ensure you don’t struggle in case of damage.



4. Use our customer support

We are here to help you and if you have any queries about your policy, so just contact us.


Our objective is to make the motor claims and renewal process as efficient and hassle-free as possible for the policyholder.



Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. The discount amount will vary subject to vehicle specification and place of registration.